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Crop Scouting  05/09/07 9:29:43 AM

2007 Crop Monitoring Program 

Crop Monitoring Benefits

Benefits to growers include (1) reduction of risk and prevention of losses by early detection of pest problems, (2) potential reduction of pesticide costs if unnecessary treatments are prevented, and (3) general value of having periodic information on status of crop which represents a reduction of grower's time applied to periodic field inspection.



Sugarbeet Scouting (Season-Long)                                                               $3.00/acre


Small Grain/Soybean/Corn/Edible Bean Scouting (Season-Long)

            -Entire Farm                                                                                        $2.25/acre


Small Grain/Soybean/Corn/Edible Bean Scouting (Season-Long)

            -Partial Farm                                                                                        $2.00/acre


One-time Field Check                                                                                      $.50/acre



2% of ALL Crop Protection (chemical) purchases applied towards scouting bill if signed up for Season-Long scouting programs. 

Example) Spend $100,000 dollars in CPP and get $2000 applied towards your

scouting bill.  This money can accrue up until a minimum of $1.00/acre for crop scouting is achieved.


10% price reduction for all fall soil sampling signed up by growers enrolled in any of the season-long crop scouting programs.
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