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Welcome to the Reynolds United Co-op seed page


Reynolds Bulk Soybean Seed Facility       


Buxton Bulk Soybean Seed Facility 


What we want to accomplish on this page is to be your one stop information source for all your seed questions.  This page will be updated often during the critical times of the year.  You will be able to check for any deadlines that we may have.  Whether it’s an early order deadline, or a prepay deadline this is the place to check.  Soon there will be links on this page to several seed company web sites and their plot data.  We will also make you aware of any upcoming events/meetings that are in the area that pertain to seed. 



Seed Supply   

Warm weather has the snow gone and it's getting close to busy season.  Just wanted to give you a quick update on our seed supply. 

Corn varieties are also becoming VERY tight on supply so stop in if you still have some unplanned acres.  We will have bulk soybean varieties available for in season sale. 

Seed Treatments   
With the cool, wet soil seed treatments will give your soybean seed more of a fighting chance when laying in the ground so long.  With a treatment cost of around $3.00/acre it is a very economical choice.   We will be using Warden RTA for our soybean treatments this year.  We are also offering inoculation again this year.  We are confident this will benefit your farming operation the best.   

Stop in anytime with question.


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