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Jamie's "Jingle"  04/14/11 1:46:10 PM

Wow, just looking things over here, and I haven’t updated this for a LONG time. Let’s see if we can update this section every month, or maybe every week or two. Springs coming some time, why not start something new.
It is looking like spring is going to get here a little late this year, with the rising rivers and mother nature’s forecast. As we prepare our equipment for the spring, we should think about pre-planning our needs for this spring also. Stop in or call your local RUC salesman in assisting you with this task. If we pre-plan your needs, the spring chaos will be minimal and spring will move smoothly and efficiently for you.
Another thing to consider, is our tissue sampling program. The program consists of analyzing your crop throughout the summer and coming up with some reason behind your deficiencies that we see during the year. This program will allow you to analyze your crop’s needs, and apply the nutrients that it lacks to produce to its highest capabilities. If you know of a problem in a certain field, let us know, you may be able to straighten your problem out through this program. 
The other big topic over this past winter is Glyphosate tolerance/resistance. We need to keep this issue in our minds every year. If we implement a resistance program, we can maximize the use of Roundup varieties thru out the years to come. By using different modes of action, you will help keep resistance at bay on your farm. One way of doing this is to use a pre-product on your corn and soybean acres. We can help you with that through our impregnating of the fertilizer you have spread or by applying it over the top after planting. Again, talk with your RUC salesman to help you implement your program.
In closing, if there is any needs that you haven’t secured for the up coming year, please feel free to call us or stop by one of our locations. We feel that we have all the necessary tools for you to have a successful and profitable year.
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p.s: Growers, if you read this, email or text me with any questions or ideas for future updates. Thanks for your time
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