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October 21st  10/21/11 2:19:34 PM Paul's Weekly 'Ramble' 


Friday, October 21, 2011


Hidey-Ho from the Co-op!!


We have had a near-perfect fall up to this point (except the week’s delay in sugarbeet harvest for heat). I never would have thought 2 months ago that we would be this far along with harvest. Enjoy it. The weather could change at the drop of a hat.


Harvest update: Corn is 90% completed. Sugarbeets are 95% done.


The yields on corn have been sliding since the beginning. The later the corn was planted, less yields. I’ll give you more exact numbers in the next “Ramble”


My oldest grandson, Brayden turned 6 this week. I am sad I wasn’t with him, but Skype makes the distance bearable. At least I can see him and interact with my grandkids. He’s growing up so fast!


On Monday, corn harvest was 47% complete nationally, which compares to the 5-year average of 41%. I would expect next week’s report to be over 65% complete. North Dakota had 20% of their corn crop combined. Soybeans were 69% harvested which compares to the 5-year avg of 61%. ND has 87% of the soybeans combined. Winter wheat is 73% completed vs. 77% (5-year avg).


We have an excellent start on the fall fertilizer season. Keep it up! I know we are excited about every acre we spread this fall. Give us a call. Please try to line up fields as soon as you can. It makes it easy for the guys to manage the terragators and hit your target time.


I want to blow our horn a bit. Reynolds United Co-op along with 5 other local co-ops started Alton Agronomy, LLC and we built a fertilizer facility that we currently lease to a couple of our fertilizer suppliers. While getting a return on investment is important, the primary reason was to insure product availability during our “short” window to apply fertilizers in both the spring & fall. Prior to building the Alton facility, we had to rely on getting fertilizer out of Minneapolis warehouses to cover our needs. It makes Gregg’s job a much easier knowing he doesn’t have to worry whether or not we will have enough fertilizer to make it thru the day, dispatching trucks,  or waiting into the night for that “last” truck. While getting fertilizer to your field may seem like an easy process, it’s not.


Lyle & his Sales force are busy visiting our customers about seed for next spring. There are some problems with seed production in both corn & soybeans and they want to make sure that our customers get the best seed for their farm.


Just a short note on my Agronomy sales staff. While they all have offices, their TRUE office is your kitchen, shop or field. They spend the majority of their time on the road. If they are not in the office, they will have their cell phone on. If they are with a customer, the call will go to their voicemail. Please be patient, they will respond to every call. The best time to catch them in person (office) is in the morning and at noon.


High School football playoffs start this weekend. Good luck to our area teams.


Thursday, the Greek Parliament passed their “austerity measure” bill to drastically cut the size and spending habits of their government.  This was the last resort as the lenders of last resort (IMF, ECB and EU) demanded the bill pass to loan the next wave of 80 billion Euros to help fight off default.  While this is helpful and ahead of the weekend EU meeting that was going to deal with the mess, this is simply one step n a series of steps that must take place for the markets to not have fear of additional EU debt issues.


Another big piece of international news today was that forces inside Libya notified the US and the world that they had killed former dictator Gadhafi.  While this is not a huge fundamental issue, it does hopefully calm another oil sensitive country in the Mideast.


Today, my ramble is sent to well over 300 members and friends of Reynolds United Co-op, and I have had many of you tell me that you forward it on to others. So, I am not sure exactly how big of an audience I actually have now, but regardless of size, I sure do appreciate all of you great people out there who mean so much to our cooperative. It is a real pleasure being able to write you these weekly updates, and I appreciate all of your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.


This weekend is Vikings – Packers. I am dreading it…………..


Markets seem to be range-bound the past couple of weeks. For the week, corn closed up $.15 @ $5.85. Soybeans closed today @ $10.97, up $.62 this week. Wheat closed the week @ $8.47, up $.23. Not bad……………..


It’s getting close to the end of harvest and many farmers are finishing up. Now they are looking for a mini-vacation to get away for a few days. In case you haven't traveled for a while and you are searching the travel section of the newspaper to find your get away spot, I just want to remind you of the "travel agent" definition of some of those appealing terms you will see in the newspaper advertisements. 


  • Old World Charm - The room does not have a TV or radio, and only has one light.


  • Light And Airy - We don't have air conditioning.


  • Romantic - The room doesn't have a phone or remote for the TV.


  • Majestic Setting - We are located a long way from town at the end of a dirt road.


  • Options Galore - This means that nothing is included in the price we quoted you.


  • Bird Watchers Paradise - This means your car's paint will never be the same.


  • Picturesque - There is a theme park right outside your window.


  • Gentle Breezes - This is a polite way of saying we are located in the heart of hurricane alley.


And finally,


  • Just Like Home - Clean up after yourself because there is no maid service available.


If God brings you to it he'll bring you through it.............



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